Dr. Sara Bender is a counselor educator, psychology instructor, clinician, and consultant. In each of these roles, she maintains a strong commitment to the provision of quality clinical services via the effective training of emerging professionals. Dr. Bender currently teaches a variety of undergraduate psychology and graduate counselor education classes. Outside of academia, she provides independent consultation services to mental health organizations and to private practitioners looking to establish or grow their private practices. She also maintains a limited private practice as well.

Dr. Bender’s research interests are varied, but the primary goals of her efforts include: 1.) To identify and elaborate on factors contributing to inequalities within the fields of psychology and counseling, 2.) To explore possible solutions to mitigate existing inequalities within the fields of psychology and counseling with particular emphasis on the role of technology in this process, 3.) To better understand and contribute to the professional identity of the counseling and counselor educator professions, and 4.) To cultivate students’ passion by collaborating in the pursuit of their research interests.

To date, a majority of Dr. Bender’s publications and professional presentations are dedicated to counselor supervision, online education, cybersupervision, and the role of stigma within decision making processes.

Dr. Bender gained experience in the field of mental health in a variety of positions, including: community mental healthcare clinician, clinical manager, private practice counselor, quality assurance manager, college counselor, clinical supervisor. She has a PhD from OSU specializing in Counselor Education and is a licensed mental health counselor, nationally certified counselor, distance credentialed counselor, and approved clinical supervisor.  Her primary clinical interests at this point involve working with individuals, pre-marital couples, and in the provision of clinical supervision.

Dr. Bender is always interested in hearing from former colleagues, administrators, or those pursuing partners in research and/or writing endeavors, so feel free to contact her if you’d like to connect.

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