“She deeply engaged me …Sara approached with curiosity to understand my whole personhood, met me where I was at in my professional journey and was emotionally ready to support mentorship as I tapped into her professional wisdom/journey. At the time, I did not see myself as starting a career. I was taking an exploratory step inside the profession and I was flexibly ready to step-out. She ignited my passion and crystallized my commitment to this work…Her ability to help me evoke insight and deeper understanding of the therapeutic dynamic with my clients helped me evolve as a clinician. She co-constructed a safe space for me to explore new techniques and helped me non-judgmentally reflect on my own skill acquisition. She remained alongside me when I doubted I had more to give….”


“….Although nervous at the prospect of taking on another responsibility so early in my professional career, Sara has been my constant companion along the way. She has provided me with the guidance and encouragement I needed to launch into my own teaching career and for that I am forever indebted to her. Although my learning process as an instructor at the college level continues day by day, I cannot wait to see what the future holds. ”


“Sara accepts nothing less of herself than her best.  This passion and dedication to excellence inspired me to strive for the same. She is gifted at teaching and encouraging people’s potential”.


“There is so much I could say about Sara. She has provided me with an atmosphere where I want to succeed and really pushes me to be great. She creates a space for me where I feel heard and that my ideas and dreams are possible.  She then helps me make those dreams reality. With Sara’s help, I found the course to pursue a graduate degree,  and became an international speaker and presenter.  She continues to coach me in expanding my business and follow my research goals. Sara helps me accomplish the goals I think are impossible- or don’t even think of. And once I do them, she reminds me to think of another one. If it wasn’t for Sara, I can honestly say I would not be where I’m at in my career or as excited as I am about my future.”


“With my generalist Human Services degree, I was not altogether confident that I could be an adequate fit in my position as mental health clinician. Sara encouraged me to utilize my skills in assessing my clients’ strengths and challenges, formulating goals to meet individual needs and assisting them in achieving those goals, step by step. Under her guidance, I realized that I could indeed meet the expectations of my position.  I found her to be an attentive listener and supportive mentor, providing valuable advice regarding arising issues.”


“In her work, Sara displays extraordinary compassion in clinical interventions, encouraging client self-determination while guiding her clients to make self-affirming choices… she demonstrates an enviable work ethic, knowledge of best practices, and an effective method of guiding individuals while bringing forth their best qualities”