You’re ready to build your business….

You crave the opportunity to work for yourself while making a MAJOR impact on your clients’ lives…

You’re ready to create your practice or take it to the next level, but….

You have NO IDEA how.

Whether you’re an emerging clinician or a well-seasoned pro, you’re ready to up-level your life. You’re ready to make changes in how you work and how you live. It is an overwhelming prospect though.You need someone to help you clarify your priorities, to strategize, and to cheer you along in the process.

I am the woman that can do just that.

Through my wealth of experience within the mental health field as clinician, professor, and trainer, I have the skills, knowledge, and vision to lead you along the path of creating your ideal practice.  Whether you need just a bit of guidance or some intense support, I’m happy to help. In fact, we can work together in a number of ways.

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